Systems Development Lifecycle Poster for Computing and ICT

Teaching the Systems Development Lifecycle is fun, there’s loads to find out about but when students aren’t doing this development as part of their daily practice then they can start to forget the different parts of it. Why not eliminate that problem from your classroom practice and take this poster that you can use to refer to time and again so that your students remember the stages by osmosis. This poster should work fine for GCSE and A Level ICT and Computing and is based on the OCR syllabus content for SDLC.

SLCsmallCrafted by my own fair hand it is available as a free download to print out to your heart’s desire, or get it printed properly and shipped by visiting the online shop where a shiny poster can be yours from £14.40.

Don’t fancy dropping £14.40 on a properly printed version? Still downloading the poster? Why not support me by buying my ebook on digital learning for a measly £2.99?


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