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09 Curriculum: Python for GCSE NEA

I spent some time this summer creating a course for the brand new curriculum hub. This new educational initiative from is seeing creators develop resources and curricula to support a variety of different learning activities. I’ve developed Python for GCSE which is focused around using Python and the standard libraries to develop the […]


Assembly Language (for WJEC GCSE Computer Science Unit 2)

At GCSE the assembly code we teach for WJEC Computer Science is an abridged form of Little Man Computer, and the topic exists in both the theory exam as well as the practical exam, but this has its problems. First, the topic has never come up in an actual practical exam paper, and the legacy […]


Modern Greenfoot Tutorials (for WJEC GCSE Computer Science)

So at some point I got really annoyed at all the Greenfoot resources out there in the world. They didn’t teach anything other than how to answer a specific question in a certain style, if that changed (say, the exam board updated their spec) then the students just couldn’t achieve the same results and – […]


Programming Code Notebook Free Printables

I’ve been teaching programming in Computer Science for fifteen years and I’m always looking for ways to make it better. Most recently I’ve been focussing on how students can take better notes when learning the concepts of programming through code, and I think I have a working model for note taking when dealing with code […]


We’re back

This website has been languishing in obscurity for a while. This post marks the start of the rebuilding process and the redevelopment of the site to serve as a portal to all of the exciting pedagogical creations that we are developing. This site was quietly retired in early 2018 due to the platform and setup […]


Question Level Analysis and Reflection to improve exam success

Most of us teach material that will be assessed in an examination of some form or another, but upcoming changes to GCSEs mean that for all of us the focus on teaching exam technique will become more and more important. One of the major issues that I’ve found to be holding learners back from excelling […]

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