I spent some time this summer creating a course for the brand new repl.it curriculum hub. This new educational initiative from repl.it is seeing creators develop resources and curricula to support a variety of different learning activities.

I’ve developed Python for GCSE which is focused around using Python and the standard libraries to develop the skills necessary to complete the NEA. It includes:

  • Creating Command Line Menus
  • Validation
  • Calculating Values
  • Creating Records
  • Autosave and Autoload
  • Manipulating Data

As well as two large scale projects based on a Pizza Delivery Service and an eSports league.

Each unit includes activities and worked answers that can be pushed out to students through repl.it’s Teams feature, but it also includes a lesson plan for delivering in a classroom environment.

If you’re interested take a look at the repl.it Curriculum Hub.

I was very pleased to be a part of this project and really enjoyed working on it; I hope you’ll find some use out of what we created!

This is a first draft of a brand new levelling poster and system that combines the new national Computing curriculum model for KS3 and KS4 with our schools change to GCSE grades instead of levels (here, an H corresponds to level 2, G to 3, etc.). I am hoping that you either steal it and do what you want with it, or help with some constructive criticism on the level descriptors, these have been created based on both the curriculum and different Bloom’s levels to develop the students as learners as well as great Computer Science practitioners. Continue reading “Computing Levels Giant Poster”