This is a first draft of a brand new levelling poster and system that combines the new national Computing curriculum model for KS3 and KS4 with our schools change to GCSE grades instead of levels (here, an H corresponds to level 2, G to 3, etc.). I am hoping that you either steal it and do what you want with it, or help with some constructive criticism on the level descriptors, these have been created based on both the curriculum and different Bloom’s levels to develop the students as learners as well as great Computer Science practitioners.

Inspired by the original ICT levels poster from @jpgreenwood that currently adorns the top of my board, the idea here is that the poster explains what the levels look like to the students as well as offering them the option to improve through simple instructive Bloom’s taxonomy based command words.

Here it is to actually read in a web browser, download links for the full sized version are below:


Please feel free to do what you want with it (but please make sure you link back here and attribute it to @lessonhacker if you’re sharing it, reusing it or modifying it). Feedback is appreciated ay @lessonhacker on twitter or Click on the image below to download the zip file containing the HUGE images. Don’t forget if you’d like to support me then please buy my book, it’s only £2.99 as an ebook!